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Adjustable Cane MZEE - MZEE 57







Specification: 2nd stage




Use: Aids for the elderly (walking)




Precautions when using




Please prohibit anyone who can not walk without a cane.



1. Please check each part before use.




2. Holding the cane at right angles, press the action button while standing on the ground,




3. Please use after fixing.




4. Do not put your weight on it, please use it for walking (auxiliary).




5. Be careful not to get caught on the road surface such as ventilation openings.




6. Do not swing at the person or press the action button.




7. Do not apply strong physical pressure (shock).





How to keep





1. After use, clean the dust and dirt with a cloth with a handle and a rubber tip.




2. If you wash with oil, lubrication oil or other chemicals, please do not use it because the paint may come off.




3. Please keep out of reach of children.




4. Be careful of damage in high temperature environment such as fire.




5. Do not sit down or place excessive force on your staff.







Product check






 1. If you can not adjust the length of the stick by pressing the operation button,





 2. If the lock on the handle does not function properly,





Please stop use and contact us.






Warranty: 1 year (free), after payment






How to control: Push the push button on the handle to adjust the length of the wand



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